Monumental mansion The Beacon House in Singapore

The Beacon House was designed and created  by WOW Architects. This project finished  in 2010. Mansion that has more than 600 square meters is located on the in the southern part of Singapore ( island of Sentosa) .This is one of amazing mansion with beautifull view  of the sea. beside that, this house also has stunning interior design. The use of sink in the bathroom make this room looks comfortable. in The first floor, you can see dining room, living room and utility rooms and at the The second floor there are bedrooms.


Modern youth townhouse in the Philippine capital

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Modern youth townhouse is located in Manila, Philippines . This building has been designed and Created by Buensalido Architects. This Building is  a positive attitude and faith in the future, because architecture reflects the spirit of the state. Despite  layout looks narrow, inside you can find large space. The apartments are designed especially for young couples with children that led to the creation of fresh design and very modern interior with a very unusual furniture layout. On the top floor of each apartment is located baklon. Besides that in the open you will see views of the capital of the Philippines.

Hanging lamps in the dining room

One of the best views in the dining area could be the set of table and chairs, and the chandelier hanging over them. In some cases, you can opt for a large lamp to fills the space, but sometimes beauty and available space can be achieved by placing a lamp over. You can place three identical lamps hung at different heights. Fill the versatility of the space while maintaining the austerity of minimal decor. Besides that, you can add a few lamps with various shapes and sizes.